REALTOR of the Year

REALTOR of the Year

Steve Myers, was selected by his peers as the 2018 REALTOR® OF THE YEARMr. Myers has been a member of CAR since 1991 and is  Managing Broker/Owner of Myers Commercial Real Estate in Springfield. Mr. Myers currently serves as Chairman of the Commercial Real Estate Network and a member of the Government Affairs Committee. Steve served as CAR's President in 2014 and on various other committees over the years. He is also Chairman of the Illinois REALTORS Commercial, Industrial and Investment Committee and a member of the Illinois REALTORS Plaza Committee. Myers has been a RPAC Ruby R investor for the past several years. Myers is also very active in community organizations such as Downtown Springfield, Inc., SPARC, Crime Stoppers, City of Springfield, Springfield Art Association, Springfield Historic Sites Commission and many more.

The purpose of the REALTOR® of the Year Award (ROTY) is to recognize a REALTOR® who has made a significant contribution to the Capital Area Association of REALTORS® and the community at large.

The criteria, which will be considered in the selection process, are:

  1. Eligible individuals include all REALTOR® members -- owners, managers, salespeople, including current Association officers, directors and past award recipients. The current association President and members of the REALTOR® of the Year Committee are not eligible.
  2. Professional Ethics & Practice -- is faithful to the principles of organized real estate, laws and regulations of the Association and Code of Ethics; sets an example of sound real estate practices; and promotes cooperation among fellow REALTORS®.
  3. Extraordinary leadership and participation in the Capital Area Association of REALTORS®, Illinois Association of REALTORS®, and National Association of REALTORS®, and its affiliated and other related trade organizations.
  4. Active Involvement in Civic, Service & Community Organizations.

Past Recipients:

  • Gail M. Wanless (1983)
  • Leonard W. Sapp (1984)
  • Marthann Sescleifer (1985)
  • Randall C. Raynolds (1986)
  • Julie Davis (1987)
  • J. Barry Johnson (1988)
  • Ronald D. Ladley (1989)
  • Phillip B. Gebben (1990)
  • Martin Baptist (1991)
  • Rita Victor (1992)
  • William Furling (1993)
  • Cynthia Nagle (1994)
  • William B. Thomas (1995)
  • Bonnie VanDerSlik (1996)
  • Marggie Zimmerman (1997)
  • Clark E. ABud@ Denton (1998)
  • Allan Young (1999)
  • Joseph Metzger (2000)
    • Mike Buscher (2001)
    • ​Ron Duff (2002)
    • Barbara Krueger (2004)
    • Rick Hanselman (2005)
    • Gail Chevalier Zini (2006)
    • Cheryl Dambacher (2007)
    • Peter Steward (2008)
    • Ed Mahoney (2009)
    • Steve Contri (2010)
    • Phil Chiles (2011)
    • Nancy Long (2012)
    • Susan Madison (2013)
    • Kristie DeBrun (2014)
    • Todd Musso (2015)
    • Mike Buscher (2016)
    • Mike Oldenettel (2017)
    • Steve Myers (2018)

    Rising Star Award

    Rising Star

    The RISING STAR AWARD was presented to Ashley Coker, a broker affiliated with the Real Estate Group.  Coker joined the organization in 2014, serves on CAR's Multiple Listing Service and Government Affairs Committees, graduated from its Leadership Academy in 2016 and is a RPAC Major Investor. Ashley is also active in her community and serves as the president of the Rochester Education Foundation. In just the past 12 months she has yielded nearly $13 million in production.

    Rising Star Criteria:

    The purpose of this award is to honor a newly active CAR REALTOR® member who has demonstrated outstanding commitment to the success of the Association’s programs, projects and goals.

    The criteria that will be considered in the selection process are:

    1. Current CAR REALTOR member
    2. Member for less than four years
    3. Demonstrates unusual enthusiasm in Association and its programs by attendance and participation
    4. While sales production is not an overriding factor it shall be a consideration


    • Kyle Killebrew (2007)
    • Todd Musso (2008)
    • Natchure Stockton (2009)
    • None (2010)
    • Jane Hay (2011)
    • None (2012)
    • Kathy Garst (2013)
    • None (2014)
    • Anthony Buscher (2015)
    • Tracy Shaw (2016)
    • Dominic Campo (2017)
    • Ashley Coker (2018)

    REALTOR Community Service Award

    REALTOR Community Service

    The REALTOR® COMMUNITY SERVICE AWARD is given to honor an individual(s) who has made outstanding service contributions to the community. This award was presented to two individuals.

    The first recipient was Sudi Blood, CRS, GRI who has been a member of the organization since 1993 and is affiliated with RE/MAX Professionals. Ms. Blood has been active on several CAR Committees and is currently Vice-chair of the Social and Community Service Committees.

    The second award recipient was Philip Chiles, ABR, CRS, GRI, SRES, SRS who has been an active member of the organization since 2000 and is Broker/Owner of Capital Area Real Estate. Phil is a past CAR president and past Illinois REALTORS President. Phil is also very active in the Springfield community.

    The criteria, which will be considered in the selection process, are:

    1. Eligible individuals include all REALTOR members -- owners, managers, salespeople, including current Association officers, directors and past award recipients.
    2. Active Involvement in Civic, Service & Community Organizations -- active involvement means more than just being a member, it means having mad a significant contribution to the organization=s ideals and its work. The selection committee may place more weight on current community involvement.

    Past Recipients:

  • Kathy Snell (1995)
  • Bonnie Wabner (1995)
  • Janice Butler (1996)
  • Julie Davis (1996)
  • Linda Waldron (1997)
  • Ronald W. Duff (1998)
  • Cindy Nagle (1999)
  • Betty Grady (2000)
  • Ronald Ladley (2000)
  • Beverly Collins (2001)
  • Ruth Ann Ayers (2002)
  • Steve Contri (2003)
  • Jan Sables (2004)
  • Susan Madison (2005)
  • Linda Nelson (2006)
  • Marggie Zimmerman (2006)
  • Steve Dove (2007)
  • Cindy Hamilton (2007)
  • Melissa Grussenmeyer (2008)
  • Ed Mahoney (2008)
  • Michelle Higginbotham (2009)
  • Jan Sables (2009)
  • Stan Vacek (2010)
  • Steve Unverzagt (2011)
  • Jane Locasio (2012)
  • Fritz Pfister (2012)
  • John Klemm (2013)
  • Kaye Brittin (2013)
  • Sandra Hamilton (2014)
  • Lisa Ernst (2015)
  • Steve Myers (2016)
  • Jim Bruce (2017)
  • Suzie Sables Duff (2017)
  • Sudi Blood (2018)
  • Philip Chiles (2018)

  • Hall of Fame Award

    Hall of Fame

    The coveted HALL OF FAME AWARD is given only to REALTORS® with a history of community service, moral and social integrity, high professional standards, a minimum of 50 years of age and a minimum of 20 years exemplary service to the Capital Area REALTORS®. This year the award was presented to Gary Harvey, GRI, SRA.

    his year the award was presented to Gary Harvey. Gary has been a member of CAR since 1993, holds the GRI and SRA Designations and is a broker and licensed real estate appraiser affiliated with Gary D. Harvey - Appraiser. Harvey has been very involved in CAR having served on its board of directors, MLS Committee and many other committees.

    The criteria, which will be considered in the selection process, are:
    1. 20 years of REALTOR® membership
    2. History of community service
    3. 55 years of age and current REALTOR® membership, if living (if deceased age is not a criteria
    4. Moral and social integrity
    5. Adherence to high professional standards and the Code of Ethics
    6. Emphasis on extraordinary service to the association and MIS

    Past Recipients

  • Clyde Grizzell
  • Morris Hyman
  • Charles J. Johnson
  • John AScotty@ McAuley
  • Lawrence H. ADoc@ Owen
  • Leonard W. Sapp
  • Russell Sprouse
  • Charles S. Wanless
  • Gail M. Wanless
  • J.H. Young
  • Phillip B. Gebben (1988)
  • William E. Hoecker (1988)
  • Marthann Sescleifer (1988)
  • George H. Reavy, Jr. (1989)
  • Charles E. Robbins (1989)
  • Thomas J. Hamilton (1991)
  • John B. Clark (1993)
  • Willard Kennedy Jr. (1994)
  • Martin Baptist, Jr. (1995)
  • Dani Mohan (1995)
  • Ronald D. Ladley (1995)
  • I.K. Friedman (1996)
  • William B. Thomas (1996) 
  • William Furling (1997) 
  • Barbra Steward (1998) 
  • Rita Victor (1998) 
  • Janice Butler (1999) 
  • Marggie Zimmerman (1999) 
  • Glen Garrison (2000)
  • Patrick Regan (2001)
  • Joseph Metzger (2002)
  • Sharon McDaniel (2002)
  • Kathy Lascelles (2002)
  • Gary Glisson (2003)
  • Cindy Nagle (2003)
  • Julie Davis (2004)
  • Ernie Lang (2004) 
  • Terry Nuding (2004) 
  • Randy Raynolds (2005) 
  • Bonnie Wabner (2005) 
  • Clark “Bud” Denton (2006) 
  • Beverly Collins (2006) 
  • Ed Mahoney (2007) 
  • Susan Madison (2007) 
  • Art Seppi (2008) 
  • Curtis Tillett (2008) 
  • Jan Sables (2009) 
  • Peter Steward (2009) 
  • Cheryl Dambacher (2010) 
  • Rick Hanselman (2010) 
  • Al Young (2010) 
  • Steve Unverzagt (2011) 
  • Gail Chevalier Zini (2011) 
  • Barb Krueger (2012) 
  • Lynn Raymond (2012) 
  • Nancy Long (2013) 
  • Tip Tippett (2013)
  • Patrick Grady (2014)
  • Betty Shuster (2014)
  • Philip Spengler (2014)
  • John Klemm (2015)
  • Nick Musso (2015)
  • Fritz Pfister (2015)
  • Steve Contri (2016)
  • Sudi Blood (2016)
  • Ron Duff (2017)
  • Chris Pepmeyer (2017)
  • Pat Van Etten (2017)
  • Gary Harvey (2018)
  • Honor Roll

    2018 CAR Honor Roll

    CAR continued with a new recognition program unveiled in 2016 called the “CAR Honor Roll”. The overall intent of this program is to recognize both REALTOR® and Affiliate members who are well rounded in their support of the organization and involvement in the community.

    Both REALTORS® and Affiliates have the opportunity to earn this recognition by amassing the required number of points for their 2017 activities. At least 90 points must be earned in five different categories for REALTORS® and 60 points in three different categories for Affiliates. Categories include REALTOR® activities, networking, education, community engagement and production. Congratulations to our 2018 class of CAR Honor Roll members.


    Gail Chevalier Zini
    Ron Duff
    Suzie Duff
    Jane Locascio
    Deb Sarsany


    Jerry Boster
    Brad Dyer
    John Fidler
    Cris Lust
    Pat Quigley
    Greg Tally

    Affiliate of the Year Award

    Affiliate of the Year

    The AFFILIATE OF THE YEAR AWARD was presented to John Fidler.  Fidler first joined CAR as an Affiliate in 1991 and has served on numerous committees including leadership roles as chairman of the Marketing & Member Services Committee and chairman of the Affiliate Membership Drive Work Group which recruited 62 new affiliate members. John is Assistant Vice-president of Mortgage Lending at Heartland Credit Union.

    In selecting this award’s recipient the following criteria is considered:
    1. Membership in CAR for a minimum of two (2) years.
    2. Service to at least one committee of the Association. Active in Association functions in general and have demonstrated the qualities of leadership, honesty, and integrity.
    3. Demonstrates knowledge in their field.
    4. High principles and high ethical standards in the conduct of real estate.
    5. Outstanding loyalty and devotion to the advancement and success of the Association through attendance at meetings, service on committees, special assignments.
    6. Cooperates with other members.


    • Amy Laughlin (2011)
    • Joy Gilliand (2012)
    • Dana Lyons (2013)
    • Misty Buscher (2014)
    • Pat Quigley (2015)
    • Stephanie Verardi (2016)
    • Cris Lust (2017)
    • John Fidler (2018)

    REALTOR Emeritus

    REALTOR Emeritus

    The following individuals were recognized in 2018 as CAR REALTOR Emeritus, an award bestowed on members who have attained a minimum of 30 years of membership, and who meet a minimum age requirement. They are: Cheryl Lawrence, Susan Madison, Roger Nesch and Curtis Tillett.

    The following REALTORS were recognized as having attained the 40-year NAR REALTOR Emeritus status: Joe Hurwitz, John Klemm, Cindy Nagle, Sam Nichols and Colleen Settles.

    REALTOR® Emeritus status requirements:
    1. Capital Area Association of REALTORS®: Any person who has held membership in the Capital Area Association of REALTORS® as a REALTOR®, REALTOR-ASSOCIATE®, or a combination of both, for a cumulative period of 30 years and has reached the age of 70 is eligible for REALTOR® Emeritus status.
    2. National Association of REALTORS®: Any person who has held membership in the National Association as a REALTOR®, REALTOR-ASSOCIATE®, or a combination of both, for a cumulative period of 40 years in one or more Associations of REALTORS® is eligible for REALTOR® Emeritus status.